Welcome to my GITA 1 Webpage!

Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Bem-vinda! Benvenuto! Herzlich willkommen!
Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage. In this class, we learn how to code in C#.
I have displayed all of my programs that I have made for your viewing pleasure!
Feel free to download them in order to check them out.

Goodbye Program


This program shows how to say goodbye in different languages.

Help Page


This program is the help page for a ficticious company called, Samba Central.

Mailing Label Program


This program outputs your information into a mailing label format.

Car Rental Program


This program Car Rental interface. It calculates what you have to pay based on how many miles and days you drove.

BMI Program


This program calculates your BMI based on your height and weight that you put in.

Car Rental Uprgrade


This program also simulates a Car Rental interface, but you can choose between three different cars. The price also changes based on what car you have chosen.

Test Score Program


This program can calculate the letter grades of two test scores. It can also give the average between the two.

Dice Program


This program simulates rolling a pair of dice. The frequency and probability of the rolls are shown.

Vegas Craps Game


This program simulates the craps dice game. The player can roll the die, and can win if they roll a good number, or their point, but lose if they roll a bad number.

Shirt Sales Program


This program simulates a shirt ordering interface for a company called Very Very Boards.

Slot Machine Program


This program simulates a slot machine. The user has to input money to play, and can win the BIG JACKPOT!

Rock Paper Scissors


This program needs two players in order to play this digital version of rock, paper, scissors.

Fish 1 Program


This program simulates a little fish swimming left and right in a tank. Press the "Move" button to make the fish move, and press the "Auto" button to move the fish automatically.

Fish 2D Program


This program is a continuation of Fish 1. But, this time, the fish can move left, right, up, down, and diagonally. Watch out for the shark!

Tic Tac Toe Program


This program also needs two players in order to play this digital version of Tic Tac Toe!



This program allows the user to do various calculations of numbers from 1 to 18. Some of these calculations include the sequence of the number, the factorial, and the fibonacci sequence of the number!

Basic AI Part 1


This program allows the user to move the character and shoot rocks, in order to avoid the alien that is chasing you. If you hit the alien 5 times, you win. If the alien gets to you and depletes your healthbar, you lose.

Starfield Plus


This program simulates cruising through a field of stars in space.

Fish Aquarium


This program simulates the behavior of many fish in a body of water, with the chance that they will get caught by the shark or the boat.

Integer Array


This program calculates the average, highest, and lowest numbers of 5000 randomly generated numbers. Pressing the button again will reset the numbers.

NRLH! A.K.A. - No Roman Letters Here!


This program is... MY OWN GAME!!! It's an arena game with three levels. The point of the game is that the player is a unique script, and you must defeat the Roman Alphabet in order to not let your script get replaced. Good Luck!!!